Are you at a crossroads in some area of business, work, or life and just now sure what to do next? You've got options, but you're not confident about which road to take.

At times you have glimpses of clarity. You know you have a higher purpose — you know there’s something bigger inviting you to say yes to it — but at the moment it’s not as clear as you’d like it to be.

What if you could sit down with someone who could draw out of you what you know is inside of you…and even better if they could help connect the dots and help you figure out the path forward and possible best next steps.

That's what the Clarity Conversation is all about. We connect on a video call and for 60-minutes you get my undivided attention. I ask you questions that help you express your deepest dreams and desires. I list and create a mind map of your answers and then together we explore the patterns that emerge and the dots that connect.

Here's how it works: You apply for a Clarity Conversation and make payment. We set a time. We show up and join in. You get clarity and at the end of the call you receive a copy of the recording of our Clarity Conversation and a mind map that orders the conversation and reveals patterns.

We’re giving away ONE complimentary Clarity Conversation each month to some lucky listener of the Higher Purpose Podcast . Complete the application to enter the drawing. Drawings will be held on the last business day of each month and winners notified by email.

If you’re tired of wasting time and spinning your wheels, schedule your Clarity Conversation NOW. The regular price for a Clarity Conversation is $499. However, during the month of September, you can save $200 on a Clarity Conversation.
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